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Yepp | Mini Child Carrier



You are never to young to start riding! Let your little one get the best possible view as you ride with them securely in front of you!

  • Child carrier is made from EVA polymer, a pliable, rubberlike material over a tubular steel frame that runs along the inside the edge of the seat
  • Fits all Papillionaire Bicycles
  • Rated to 15kgs
  • The combination of the soft EVA over steel gives your child a comfortable ride without sacrificing support
  • Child carrier attaches to the stem of your bike using a clamp that fits quill-style stems between 0.8 - 1.1 in. in diameter
  • EVA material is waterproof, does not absorb heat and is very easy to clean
  • Nylon straps secure your child in the seat, and a softer grade of EVA used for shoulder pads prevents chafing
  • Seat features footrests that are easily adjusted to different heights without the use of tools
  • The Yepp Mini Front Bicycle child carrier is designed to hold kids from 9 months (who are able to sit up by themselves), up to those weighing 33 lbs., or about 3 years old

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