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Operations Manager

A former hotel concierge, Justin knew his talents were being wasted on the irrational whims of hotel guests. He threw down the suitcases and off to Papillionaire he came. Under Justin's flawless spreadsheeting, system implementing and ruthless ruling, Papillionaire is a well oiled machine.   


Head Mechanic



Nadav is the head boss man at Papillionaire. He loves watermelon gum and drinks 1000 cups of tea a day. When he's not at his desk, you might find him stretching on a yoga mat in the middle of the office.  Nadav is the proud father of two hilarious kids and a bulldog named Jay-Z.


Director (USA)

Ten years Nadav's junior, Gil was more than ready to ditch the commercial law scene for the bike world. He spent a couple of years working and living in Brooklyn before joining forces with his big bro. In his spare time, Gil plays drums and listens to Beyonce. 



General Manager (USA)

Walk into our Brooklyn store on a cold winter's morning and you will be greeted by Hadass' warm smile. Born and bred in Tasmania, Hadass moved to New York to bring some Aussie and Papillionaire charm to the US. She loves bikes, books and warm jumpers with animals on them.


Head Mechanic (USA)

Fraser is the man behind the scenes at our Brooklyn shop. He is taking over New York one bike-build at a time. If he's not behind the bike stand, you'll find Fraser at our warehouse packaging bikes with love. Swing by our store on a weekend and you'll probably catch him listening to some beats in a Man Utd jersey.


Chief of Marketing

The newest member of our team, poor Larissa is stuck on a desk between Gil and Nadav. If you love our social media posts, you have Larissa to thank. She has quickly become the Papillionaire sounding board - all silly ideas go through her first. Larissa also has mad basketball skills.



Perry is our poster boy. He's polite, friendly and super smart. One time he saved a cat from a tree, no kiddding. Come visit Perrty at our Collingwood workshop on the weekend, you'll love him.